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TBC hosted its first “Sonship Gathering” for saints who have come to appreciate their status as God’s adopted sons and that godly edification which is in faith occurs when saints go through the curriculum laid out in Paul's epistles.  TBC expressed its appreciation for the ministry and impact of Pastor Keith Blades to his wife and son, our honored guests.  Pastor Mark Newbold gave five lessons that focused upon the needfulness of Romans 6:1-8:13 as the solid foundation for godly sanctification prior to encountering our adoption as sons in Romans 8:14ff.  The lessons culminated in pointing saints to the Sonship Checkpoint of Romans 12:1-2.  God our Heavenly Father expects saints to have the effectual working of Rom. 6:1-8:13, and holds saints accountable for it in order to properly pass this crucial checkpoint.

  1. Presentations to honored guests: Norine and Kenneth Blades & the Lord's Table.
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  2. The Importance of Romans 6:1-8:13 to Sonship Edification.
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  3. What it means to be "dead to sin" and "alive unto God."
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  4. The Importance of "reckoning" yourself to be what God Has made you to be "in Christ."
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  5. Walking after the Spirit.
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  6.The Importance of Romans 6:1-8:13 at the Sonship Checkpoint of Romans 12:1-2.
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7. Questions & Answers
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