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The passage of scripture above was said by the angels to the disciples concerning the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. Because of this, it is commonly, and rightly understood that when the Lord comes back, He will ‘touch down' upon the Mount of Olives, the very place where He ascended. But most think it will be a ‘direct flight' straight from heaven to the Mount of Olives. However, the Bible reveals something quite different – something the scholars and prophecy writers have missed for years!

In this series we will discover that sitting in the Bible is a detailed route or flight path that the Lord will take when He returns to this earth: a route that is connected with the path the children of Israel took when God led them out of Egypt. We will find that far from being a ‘direct flight,' the Lord Jesus Christ will take a very specific route that will include aerial battles with His long-standing enemies. We will see that He has already given Israel a ‘dress rehearsal' of the route that He will take when He finally returns to her. And we will come to understand the significance of why Israel is surrounded by water, and why God is so angry with those waters.

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