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  In these recordings Pastor Newbold presents a very basic and sweeping look at what “godly edifying which is in faith” is all about. These sessions present the Biblical concept that God our Heavenly Father has adopted us as His sons - not merely an event, but the very status in which the rest of our Christians lives are to be lived out. Also presented in this series is the issue that deals with what God has given us in the letters of the apostle Paul, (as well as the importance of the order in which they are found in your Bible). Paul's epistles are more than just “milk to meat”; they also form a necessary curriculum to be followed as adopted sons. These recordings are presented with the hope that you will desire to know more about the most exciting and fascinating thing your Heavenly Father has ever given you - your status as His adopted son!
  1. Spiritual Fitness: From Justification to Sanctification.
  2. Our Adoption as Sons - Sonship as a status and not merely an event
  3. Sonship Curriculum - Table of Contents & Level I
  4. Sonship Curriculum - Level II
  5. Sonship Curriculum - Level III
  6. A Simple Survey of Sonship Orientation & Sonship Establishment
* Note: The first 2 sessions (The Reliability and Supremacy of God's Written Word; and Properly Handling the Word of Truth) had technical problems that prevented them from being recorded.




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