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It is strongly recommended that the listener deal, on his own, with the issue of God preserving His word as we believe He did in, among other languages, the English language, and as it exists in the authorized King James Bible, and not to simply take our word for it.

If you would like to further enhance your understanding and appreciation of the King James Bible being the inerrant and infallible word of God, we highly recommend the following books. The books below can be purchased via Amazon.com

  • Which Bible? - by David Otis Fuller, D.D.
  • Gipp's Understandable History of the Bible - by Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D.
  • The Answer Book - by Dr. Samuel C. Gipp, Th.D.
  • The King James Version Defended - by Edward F. Hills
  • Which Version Is The Bible? - by Floyd Nolen Jones
  • The Translators Revived - by Alexander McClure
  • Forever Settled - by Dr. Jack Moorman
  • King James Unjustly Accused? - by Stephen A. Coston Sr.
  • The Identity of the New Testament Text - by Wilbur N. Pickering
  • The Men Behind the King James Version - by Gustavus S. Paine

We also highly recommend the video tape series taught by Pastor Keith Blades, and produced by Enjoy The Bible Ministries called “ The Preserved Word of God .” We would also recommend Keith's study on “An Introduction to the Excellency of Older English” which should help in appreciation of some of the terms attacked by modern bible versions as being old and archaic. These videos can be purchased from Enjoy The Bible Ministries over the internet at www.EnjoyTheBible.com or by phone at 1-888-284-6215.


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